How To Dropship On Temu – A Dropshipper’s BLUEPRINT

Dropshipping is the hottest online business model right now for a good reason – it lets you run an e-commerce empire with minimal upfront investment.

If you have dreams of earning a life-changing income from home one day, dropshipping on Temu may be your ticket.

This comprehensive blueprint will guide you on How To Dropship On Temu.

I couldn’t believe it when I first discovered this new wholesale platform that’s giving major players like Amazon and AliExpress a run for their money.

Temu is shaking up the world of e-commerce with its impossibly low prices and constantly expanding catalog of trending products.

And if you move quickly, you can build an entire dropshipping business around hot items sourced straight from their supplier network to maximize profit margins.

Forget minimum order quantities and slow boat shipping timesTemu has changed the game.

I had to test this out for myself and the results stunned me – in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how I’ve used Temu to:

  • Source products that generate 50%+ profit margins after ads and other fees
  • Create a dropshipping store optimized for sky-high conversion rates
  • Scale from 5 to 7 figures in under 12 months with Temu as the engine powering growth behind the scenes

If you want to launch a profitable online store in today’s competitive landscape, stick with me. I’ll walk you through everything you need to utilize Temu to its fullest money-making potential. 

Let’s get started.

How To Dropship On Temu

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What Makes Temu a Top Dropshipping Source

If you haven’t heard of Temu yet, let me give you a quick rundown. This retail upstart exploded onto the scene in 2022 as a wholesale marketplace featuring rock-bottom prices on a staggering range of products.

Think ultra-cheap prices like Wish combined with the product selection of Amazon and delivery speeds rivaling Amazon Prime.

Backed by PDD Holdings, Temu has the financial muscle to rapidly expand its catalog and supplier network.

Within its first year, Temu has already:

  • Attracted over 5 million users
  • Sold over 13 million items globally
  • Seen customers spend an average of $100 per order

With this trajectory, analysts project Temu to reach 25 million users by 2025. And they just recently launched an intuitive app to boost mobile purchases among Gen Z and millennial shoppers.

But what does Temu’s meteoric rise mean for e-commerce store owners and dropshippers? Let’s dig into 5 key advantages:

1. Massive Product Selection

Temu partners with factories and warehouses around the world to offer a wide product range spanning:

  • Electronics
  • Home Goods
  • Apparel
  • Beauty Products
  • Tools & Accessories

Whatever niche you want to target, Temu likely has great product options at ultra-affordable rates.

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2. Rock-Bottom Prices

Capitalizing on bulk discounts from suppliers, Temu maintains wholesale prices substantially lower than Amazon and big-box retail:

Price Comparison Table

ProductTemu PriceAmazon Price
iPhone 14 Case$2$12
Gel Nail Polish Kit$6$35
Queen Comforter Set$15$69

With margins this good, you can spend more on advertising and still walk away very profitably.

3. Fast Processing & Delivery

Temu offers two shipping options:

  • Temu Express – Ships from US warehouses in under 5 days
  • Standard Delivery – Arrives from overseas in 10-20 days

While not yet as speedy as Amazon Prime, they’re expanding local fulfillment centers to increase delivery speeds.

4. No Membership Fees

Unlike Costco or Sam’s Club, Temu allows anyone to shop their marketplace and offers free registration. This gives your dropshipping store instant access to its entire catalog without needing to pay subscription fees.

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5. Intuitive Mobile App

Over 65% of Temu’s purchases happen on mobile. And their top-rated app makes it easy for suppliers to manage orders, update listings, and more on the go.

As Temu continues enhancing its platform, it will cement itself as a go-to resource for e-commerce businesses – especially dropshipping store owners.

Next, let’s explore exactly how to source hot-selling products on Temu to maximize profits.

Sourcing Hot Products to Dropship from Temu

Now comes the fun part – picking winning products from Temu’s catalog to power your dropshipping business.

With over 100 million SKUs to choose from, the possibilities can feel endless. Follow this sourcing framework to identify items poised to maximize sales and profits:

Step 1: Explore Top Selling Categories

I recommend browsing categories like:

  • Electronics
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Health & Beauty

Temu makes it easy to spot “Hot Items” other buyers are snapping up. Pay attention to categories with frequent limited-time flash deals too.

Within a particular niche, glance at reviews and order counts to spot buyer preferences. This data reveals customer demand useful for product selection.

Step 2: Filter by Number of Orders

Sort products by total sales to reveal big winners. The high order volume indicates proven market demand.

Look for items with 1000+ orders from US warehouses when possible. For niche products, 100+ orders can suffice if reviews are strong.

Higher order counts suggest efficient processing by suppliers who can handle volume without delays.

Step 3: Compare Temu Prices

One of Temu’s main appeals lies in rock-bottom pricing. Before importing an item, price check against Amazon and eBay.

For example, this genuine leather iPad case sells for:

  • Temu: $15
  • Amazon: $32
  • eBay: $28-$35

With 100+ orders and a sub $20 price point unlikely to be beat, this meets my criteria.

Step 4: Evaluate Supplier Ratings

Vet the supplier rating before committing to a product. Prioritize 4-5 star sellers known for quick shipping and quality customer service.

I once imported a dud product from a supplier with only 2 stars. Don’t make my mistake.

Step 5: Focus on US Warehouses

Target products stored domestically over longer waits for overseas delivery. US-based Temu items ship from warehouses in California.

Sort Temu listings by location and check descriptions to confirm. US stock typically processes within 1-5 days before dispatch.

Step 6: Order Samples First

Before listing a Temu product in your store, buy a sample to evaluate its quality. Nothing tanks conversion rates faster than disappointed buyers receiving cheap knockoffs.

I have a strict “no samples, no selling” policy after learning this lesson. Sourcing high-quality wares provides the best assurance of repeat business.

Final Checklist Before Importing

After identifying a promising product from Temu to sell, run through this checklist:

  • 1000+ orders from US warehouse
  • 100+ orders for niche items
  • Reviews reflect 4 stars or higher
  • Retail price 2-3X higher on Amazon
  • Budget $10-20 to order sample

Let this sourcing formula steer you towards consistent winners. Now let’s examine how to import these hot-selling items into your store.

Setting Up Your Temu Dropshipping Store

Now that you know how to source winning products from Temu, let’s set up an online store to start selling.

While you have e-commerce platform options like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc., I always recommend Shopify for beginners. The all-in-one functionality, ease of use, and vast app ecosystem make it the best fit for Temu dropshippers specifically.

Here are 5 key steps to launch your Temu-powered Shopify store:

Step 1: Sign Up for Shopify & Customize Theme

Go to and click Start Free Trial to create your account. The $29/month Basic Shopify plan works great for new stores.

Next, visit the Theme Store and select a theme that aligns with your brand vision. Most themes allow easy customization of:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Layouts
  • Images
  • Text

Spend time tailoring your theme to resonate with your target audience and exude a consistent visual style.

Step 2. Name & Configure Your Shopify Store

You’ll need to give your store a unique, brandable domain name on Shopify. I recommend naming conventions like:


Once you add a domain, set up key settings under Preferences like payment methods, shipping rates, and taxes.

Step 3. Add Temu Products to Your Store

Now comes the fun part – populating your store. Go to the Products section and click Add Product.

Select Create New since you’ll import items straight from your Temu wholesale account. Give your product a compelling title and description.

Upload the product images, set pricing at 2-3X Temu’s rate, link to the item page for users to purchase, and publish.

Step 4. Market Your E-commerce Store

With inventory ready to sell, focus on driving traffic to your fledgling store. Leverage marketing channels like:

Social Media: Run promotions for email subscribers

Influencer Marketing: Pay relevant micro-influencers to showcase products

SEO: Research target keywords and optimize site content

Paid Ads: Allocate budget for FB/Google ads to keep sales flowing

Learn more tactics to scale sales as we progress.

Step 5: Fulfill Orders and Delight Shoppers.

As purchases come in, buy the product from your Temu wholesale account and send it to customers promptly.

Provide excellent customer support and helpful updates from order to delivery. Building loyalty earns repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

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And that’s the blueprint for launching a Temu-fueled dropshipping empire. Let’s explore how to scale this to 7 figures next.

Land Legal and Tax Considerations

With your Temu dropshipping store up and running, take a quick pause to ensure proper legal and tax setup. It may sound boring, but getting the right structure and licensing avoids major headaches as you scale.

Select a Business Entity

Most e-commerce sellers default to either:

  • Sole Proprietorship: Simplest option for new entrepreneurs or side hustlers. No formal registration is needed and you report business income/expenses on Schedule C with your tax return. The downside is unlimited personal liability if sued.
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company): Separate business entity that protects your assets if the business is sued. Requires filing Articles of Organization and an annual fee. Extra paperwork like drafting an Operating Agreement but well worth it.

I operate my Temu dropshipping stores as LLCs for that liability shield. Speak with an accountant or lawyer for personalized advice though.

Acquire Necessary Licensing & Permits

Some states require certain sales permits, especially for clothing and accessories. Check if you need a:

  • Sales tax permit
  • Reseller permit
  • General business license

Charging accurate sales tax also keeps you in compliance as you scale.

Understand Your Tax Obligations

Self-employment income taxes, quarterly estimated payments, sales tax filings…it can get complex fast.

Connect with a tax professional to handle this correctly. Now that we’ve tackled some unglamorous but critical back-end work, let’s examine how to turn up the growth dial.

Scaling Your Store for Six Figures 

Once your Shopify store generates consistent initial sales, it’s time to scale towards 6-7 figures.

Temu’s massive product selection and discounted wholesale pricing give you the perfect vehicle for exponential growth.

Let’s explore 10 proven tactics to take your store to the next level:

1. Continuously Expand Your Catalog

The wider your product range, the more opportunities shoppers have to purchase. Over time, steadily add new items in complementary niches.

Temu makes this easy with endless options across all categories. Just stick to vetted products using my sourcing criteria.

Shoot for 100+ listings in year one, and 500+ in year two.

2. Optimize Your Store for Conversions

Tweak site elements like page layouts, product descriptions, images, and more to increase conversions. Identify sticking points with heatmaps and user recordings.

Retarget people who abandon carts through email and ads. Fine-tune funnels based on data.

3. Specialize in Your Best Selling Items

Pay attention to which Temu products produce the highest sales and prioritize them. Lean into your winners.

Order larger quantities of top performers to take advantage of volume discounts. List them across multiple store categories and creatively bundle them for more profit.

4. Experiment with Pricing Strategies

Determine the optimal prices for your items through testing. Start on the higher end around 2.5-3X the Temu wholesale cost.

Occasionally run sales, compare conversions vs. profit margins earned, and adjust accordingly. Undercutting competitors too sharply also diminishes perceived brand value.

5. Capture Email Subscribers

Email marketing converts better than any other channel. Entice signups with lead magnets like exclusive deals, discounts, or content.

Send promotional and transactional messages nurturing relationships and piloting customers back to purchase again.

6. Recruit Relevant Influencers

Pay micro-influencers in your niche to showcase products on social media and drive purchases. Ensure clear disclosure of paid partnerships.

Leverage affiliates to promote your store for commission on resulting sales.

Influencers and affiliates move products and raise brand visibility.

7. Invest Heavily in Paid Ads

To aggressively gain market share, dedicate at least 20% of revenue back to paid advertising.

Nail down profitable ROIs for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping. Let data guide budget allocation decisions across channels.

8. Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Checking up on new Temu inventory, importing item details, processing orders, answering customer service requests and more burns precious time as you scale.

Leverage contracted virtual assistants so you can focus solely on high-level growth strategies.

9. Continually Experiment

Test new marketing messages, product selections, store layouts, shipping options, email sequences, and anything else that impacts sales.

Double down on what converts and swiftly eliminate what doesn’t. Remain nimble and optimization-obsessed.

10. Reinvest Profits to Compound Growth

As your empire expands, resist tempting luxuries and lifestyle inflation. Reinvest at least 50% of profits back into the business.

Fund experiments, hire help, acquire capabilities like high volume order fulfillment, and push the pedal to the metal for continued hockey stick-style ascent.

The world is your oyster selling with Temu – now let’s ensure smooth order delivery and thrilled customers.

Leverage Dropshipping Agents

As your Temu-fueled empire grows, fulfillment logistics get increasingly complex. You may eventually feel like a full-time shipping clerk.

Here’s where specialized dropshipping agents prove invaluable. These contracted services handle product sourcing, importing, quality control, order processing, and shipping for you.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced workload so you can focus on high-level marketing and growth
  • Access to vetted Temu suppliers already integrated into the agent’s platform
  • Faster shipping through the agent’s consolidated fulfillment pipelines
  • Quality assurance with the agents inspecting products before sending them to customers
  • Streamlined reconciliation with transparent accounting of expenses

Reliable dropshipping agents do charge monthly fees and take small commissions on sales. But calculated over your lifetime customer value, their services generate substantial profit.

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I strongly advise beginners to start handling fulfillment in-house and outsource later. This grounds your understanding of on-the-ground operations before scaling.

The Future Looks Bright with Temu

Given Temu’s remarkable early traction penetrating the US market, I foresee tremendous growth on the horizon.

My predictions for the next 3 years:

  • Widening product range: Increased supplier partnerships expand catalog size to over 500 million listings
  • Faster processing and delivery: Dozens more domestic warehouses slash average fulfillment times
  • Platform enhancements: Improved app and site features tailored for high-volume sellers
  • Marketing innovations: Launch of influencer and affiliate programs along with a pay-per-click marketplace

As Temu matures, it will offer merchants and dropshippers unparalleled money-making opportunities. Act now to build your store while competition remains lower.

Now let’s cover operational considerations around fulfilling Temu orders.

Fulfilling Orders Profitably

With sales pouring in, seamlessly fulfilling Temu orders separates successful stores from flops.

Follow best practices around procurement, shipping, and returns to delight customers (and your bottom line):

Order Confirmation: Verify purchase details like product variant, quantity, customer info, etc on receipt.

Same-Day Order Placement: Buy inventory from Temu ASAP to prevent your own delays.

Careful Packaging: Safely pack orders to prevent damage reports that require replacement units or refunds.

Prompt Shipment: Ship no later than 1-2 days after receiving the wholesale item using the carrier and method chosen by the shopper during checkout.

Proactive Updates: Send tracking info to buyers along with an estimated delivery date so they know it’s on the way.

Easy Returns: Accept returns/exchanges within 30 days to prevent negative reviews.

Inventory Tracking: Use a central system to monitor product stock levels, sales velocities, and required reorder points.

While fulfillment coordination takes work, providing a seamless purchasing experience earns lasting customer loyalty driving repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals.

Differentiating Your Store in a Competitive Market

Thousands of merchants sell similar products online. Make your Temu-powered store stand out with these differentiation strategies:

Compelling Brand Messaging

Craft a unique brand identity with an inspirational mission, visual style, and tone of voice woven throughout all touchpoints.

Lifestyle Photography

Invest in pro lifestyle images showing people using your products vs. sterile studio shots. This better conveys the end benefit.

Creative Bundling

Combine complementary items into discounted bundles that provide more value while increasing order values.

Curated Collections

Carefully edit merchandise into themed collections like “Work From Home Essentials” or “Gifts Under $30” guiding visitors straight to relevant options.

Content Marketing

Publish a company blog with helpful advice related to your products attracting organic search traffic.

Bespoke Customer Support

Train support staff to deliver personalized, humanized messaging with emojis and tone conveying genuine care for each inquiry.

Hyper-Relevant Emails

Segment customers for tailored promotions aligned to their interests and behaviors using lifecycle-based automation.

Rise above commoditized competitors. Couple the Temu wholesale edge with memorable digital experiences winning long-term loyalty.

Now let’s explore key metrics for monitoring the health of your store as you grow.

Final Thoughts

There you have the complete game plan for harnessing Temu’s immense potential to build a thriving e-commerce empire.

By leveraging Temu’s continually expanding catalog of discounted products, we uncovered how you can:

  • Source hot items with proven demand that maximize profit margins
  • Set up a beautifully branded dropshipping store on Shopify
  • Scale sales to 6-7 figures through relentless optimization and reinvestment
  • Fulfill a high volume of orders profitably with help from agents
  • Differentiate your shop in a crowded market through customer-centric experiences

The key is moving swiftly to capitalize on Temu’s meteoric rise before space gets crowded.

I hope this guide illuminated an accessible path to financial freedom in e-commerce. You don’t need major upfront capital or inventory risks.

By intelligently riding Temu’s coattails, generating life-changing wealth is now within reach.

FAQs on How To Dropship On Temu

How much could I make dropshipping Temu products?

Temu dropshipping can easily net $50k in the first year and $100k+ by year 2. Some sellers see 7 figures in 2 years with the right product-market fit and growth approach.

Basing rough estimates for income potential on your current living expenses and long-term goals can help determine if this path is ideal.

Is Temu dropshipping better than AliExpress or Amazon dropshipping?

Yes. Temu offers lower product prices, frequent discounts, rising catalog selection, fast shipping from local warehouses, and intuitive tools for selling across multiple platforms.

What products should I not drop ship from Temu?

Avoid high-risk products prone to easy damage that would generate many returns, like glassware, perishables, fragile decor, etc. Also, be cautious of health supplements or ingestible items with restrictions on resale.

How will I fulfill orders if I can’t obtain this inventory from Temu?

Option A involves temporarily posting an “out of stock” message and offering customers the chance to sign up for a restock notification.

Option B is finding comparable or improved items on AliExpress to substitute and fulfill demand in the interim.

Should I still dropship products from AliExpress and Amazon too?

In the early days, multiple inventory sources provided useful fallback while testing demand, though ultimately I recommend consolidating the bulk of sourcing through Temu long-term as their selection/delivery speeds improve.

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