30 WINNING Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products To Sell

The festive season is my favorite time of year. Twinkling lights, festive treats, and childlike wonder as we count down to the holidays.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, it also marks the most lucrative sales period.

In this article, I’ll list 30 Winning Christmas and New Year e-commerce products that you can sell.

From late November through early January, consumers flock online and in-store, searching for the perfect gift and holiday decor.

In 2022 alone:

  • US shoppers spent over $935 billion during the festive season
  • 75% of TikTok users made holiday purchases influenced by the platform
  • email open rates rose by 47%

The festive e-commerce rush is very real. Consumers eagerly throw open their wallets, providing a prime opportunity to promote your products.

But with so many vying for their attention, how do you stand out?

The key lies in understanding:

Buyer Behavior

As the holidays approach, shopper motivations shift:

  • Gifting jumps to the forefront
  • Bargain hunting intensifies
  • Time constraints hit hard

Armed with insights on evolving priorities and pain points, you can fine-tune your e-commerce strategy.

Top Spending Categories

Navigating the extensive festive product landscape can be daunting. Where should you focus?

  • Decor: trees, lights, ornaments
  • Cooking: bakeware, appliances, tableware
  • Gifting: apparel, self-care, accessories

I’ll unpack the hottest niches, analyzing:

  • Market size
  • Competitor data
  • Latest trends
  • Tips to maximize sales

So let’s unlock festive e-commerce success.

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

30 Winning Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products To Sell

  1. Christmas tree toppers
  2. Ornaments
  3. Gift boxes
  4. Lights
  5. Wreaths
  6. Table runners
  7. Placemats
  8. Napkins
  9. Cookie cutters
  10. Specialty bakeware
  11. Sweaters
  12. Socks
  13. Pajamas
  14. Dolls
  15. Games
  16. Bracelets
  17. Bags
  18. Hats
  19. Poppers
  20. Confetti
  21. Tableware
  22. 2023 Signs & Banners
  23. Balloons
  24. Garlands
  25. Planners
  26. Journals
  27. Organizers
  28. Pampering kits
  29. Stockings
  30. Pet products

Christmas Product Ideas

When you visualize the holidays, what comes to mind? Twinkling lights, festive wreaths, cookies baking?

These traditions inspire our top Christmas e-commerce categories – decorations, kitchenware, and gifts.

Festive Decor

A key spending area, holiday decor transforms homes with a cozy, joyful ambiance. Let’s explore winning products.

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Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Crowning Christmas trees everywhere. These crowning glories attracted over $1.2 billion in 2022 sales. Growth eyes 6% CAGR, reaching $1.6 billion by 2027.

I assess market leaders through metrics like:

  • Sell-through rate
  • Successful listings percentage
  • Competitor analysis

This data helps maximize conversions and sales.

For tree toppers, best bets include:

  • Nostalgic styles in North America
  • elegant glass or crystal in Europe
  • Creative toppers in Australia


Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Delighting for ages, ornaments adorn trees, wreaths, and garlands. This over $14 billion market sees retailers stocking up.

  • Over 50% sold on e-commerce
  • Average order value of $25

When sourcing, focus on:

  • Durability
  • Stylish designs
  • Local preferences

Gift Boxes

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Gift-giving hits fever pitch at Christmas. To elevate presentations, consumers spend over $136 per person on gift wrap.

  • eco-friendly materials surge
  • Premium finishes in demand
  • $3.5 billion sales expected by 2033

Target gift box shoppers through gifting guides and styling content.


Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

No tree would be complete without dazzling lights. This holiday must-have sees formidable sales:

  • 93% of Christmas decorators use lights
  • 2022 reached $6.8 billion
  • Predicted 14.8% CAGR

Shoppers want energy-efficient, smart solutions lasting 30,000+ hours over regular bulbs. Give them brightness year-round.


Home chefs whip up holiday feasts for loved ones. Capture this demand with winning kitchenware.

Baking Essentials

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

The sights and smells of Christmas baking spark nostalgia and joy. Capture this demand with bakeware treating hobbyists to festive creations.

Rolling pins with engraved shapes are a runaway hit, embedding trees and snowflakes directly into cookie dough. Sales data shows strong growth through 2023.

Meanwhile, novelty cookie cutters fly off shelves. Listings priced around $15 yield 400% markups from $5 cost prices.

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Gifts Galore

Stressing over gift lists? Simplify shopping with can’t-miss categories securing smiles on Christmas day.

Cozy Apparel

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

As temperatures drop, shoppers seek snuggly sweaters, socks, and pajamas to spread holiday cheer. Fun prints, soft textures, and matching sets spike in demand.

Pro tip – size guides and styling advice deepen engagement.

Toys & Games

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Children await the arrival of Santa’s toys as excitement reaches fever pitch. Dolls, art supplies, and games inspire their creativity and wonder.

Meanwhile, adults indulge their inner child with nostalgic games or challenging puzzles to enjoy time with family and friends.


Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Jewelry and bags let shoppers check even the choosiest folks off gift lists. Personalized bracelets make affordable, heartfelt gestures. Or elevate wine gifts with artistic bottle holders creating table centerpieces sure to impress.

Marketing Tips for Christmas Products

You’ve selected winning holiday products. Now to spread festive cheer to the bank.

Implement these marketing tips for seasonal success:

Plan Ahead

The early bird captures the worm – and holiday buyers.

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Start preparing in summer by:

  • Researching top trends
  • Vetting suppliers
  • Securing inventory
  • Shooting product visuals
  • Building email lists

This head start lets you iron out kinks so you can focus on promotions when shoppers are ready to spend.

Create Festive Storefronts

Tis the season for decking digital halls too.

Convert more visitors into buyers by:

  • Adding holiday banners and icons
  • Displaying gift guide pop-ups
  • Setting festive sales countdowns
  • Sharing holiday playlists or podcasts
  • Sending discount codes for signup

Build excitement and incentivize purchases early.

Promotions Push

Ramp up holiday campaigns across channels through:


  • Send early “Christmas Coming” emails
  • Share gift ideas by interest
  • Offer discount codes for subscribers
  • Remind about order cut-offs for delivery

Social Media

  • Showcase products in festive lifestyle scenes
  • Run holiday giveaways and contests
  • Collaborate with seasonal influencers
  • Share behind-the-scenes holiday preparations

Delivery and Service

Santa delivers worldwide in one night – a tough benchmark. While you can’t promise Christmas day arrival, provide exceptional service by:

  • Communicating order deadlines
  • Overestimating shipping times
  • Offering gift wrapping
  • Sending order confirmations and shipping notifications
  • Providing easy returns through January

The holidays spark hectic shopping and heightened emotions. Quality support retains trust despite winter stresses.

New Year’s Product Ideas

As the ball drops, good riddance to the old – and hello fresh start. The new year brings excitement for new beginnings.

Capture this energy with winning products perfect for celebrations and getting organized.

New Year’s Eve party essentials

On the biggest party night of the year, hosts and guests want supplies to spread fun and flair.

Party Favors

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

From fancy cocktail napkins to funny 2023 glasses, hats, and horns, fun touches get people smiling and snapping pics. Search volume for “New Year’s party supplies” rises steadily from October, peaking on NYe.

Retailers also fly through poppers and confetti, generating summer-like sales in winter. Affordable and easy to store, these party must-haves offer wide appeal.


Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

Pretty plates and cutlery add special touches to New Year’s spreads. Gold, rose gold, and black color palettes feel glamorous while keeping to the classic color theme. Disposable options also sell well for low-cleanup celebrations.


The new year offers a symbolic fresh slate. Ring it in with banners, signs, and balloons spreading positive, aspirational messages.

Signs and Banners

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

“New Year, New You” signs communicate the motivating energy of January 1st. Search volume for “Happy New Year signs” grows quickly from mid-December, ready to decorate homes, offices, and parties.

Gold and black colors fit nicely with existing holiday palettes. LeD options spread cheer long after midnight.


As the calendar resets, people set goals to improve their health, organization, self-growth, and more. Capture this demand with tools designed to motivate success.

Planners and Journals

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

The new year kickstarts reflection and plans for self-improvement. Beautiful planners, journals, and habit trackers inspire people to realize their goals through organization and mindfulness.

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Pamper Kits

Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products

After lively celebrations, January brings hibernation mode. Chill out with pampering sets like scented candles, cozy slipper socks, and skincare treats. These little luxuries ease winter doldrums.

The new year brims with possibility – start it in style with our trending products.

Wrapping Up – 30 Winning Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products To Sell

The festive season provides a valuable opportunity to boost e-commerce success. As buyers seek holiday joy through gifts, parties, and decor, you can capture this demand.

Key highlights include:

  • Analyzing festive buyer behavior
  • Choosing winning Christmas products in hot categories like decor, kitchenware, and gifting
  • Preparing holiday promotions and service delivery
  • Capturing New Year motivation with planning tools and party supplies

The complete guide equips you to:

  • Source top-selling products
  • Create festive sites
  • Optimize holiday promotions
  • Deliver exceptional service

These insights help you make a nice list of festive shoppers while improving your bottom line.

As the holiday season approaches, get ready to spread cheer to customers and your bank account. Festive niches promise compelling rewards for e-commerce brands putting in the preparation work.

FAQs on 30 Winning Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products To Sell

What shipping deadlines should I set for holiday delivery?

Set earlier shipping cut-offs than the delivery company’s quote to manage customer expectations. Build in a buffer in case of weather delays or order influxes.

What returns policy is ideal for Christmas products?

extend your returns window by a few weeks past Christmas to accommodate gift returns. January 31st is a common cutoff.

How early should I start holiday marketing campaigns?

Launch holiday promotions and email sequences in early November at the latest. However, teaser campaigns can begin in October to plant seeds.

What festive web design is most effective?

Use holiday banners, icons, and animations and prominently advertise sales or special offers according to scroll depth data.

How do I choose dropshipping suppliers for Christmas?

Vet supplier reliability, product ratings, and delivery times. Domestic suppliers often ship faster over long holidays.

What tools can help manage holiday sales?

Sales channels with native apps, plus inventory management, shipping, and accounting software help track volume spikes.

How can I provide good customer service over Christmas?

Boost staff during peak weeks, set up holiday auto-responses, and offer gift wrapping and shipping guarantees for extra assurance.

We’ve reached the conclusion of the article 30 Winning Christmas and New Year E-commerce Products To Sell. I hope you found it enjoyable. Thank you for stopping by.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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