15 Undeniable ADVANTAGES of Selling a Single Product Online

If you’re thinking about starting an online business, you may be wondering whether you should sell just one product or offer a huge catalog of products.

Well, let me tell you, focusing on one awesome product can give your business some serious advantages.

Let’s walk through the main advantages of selling a single product online.

Get ready for some great insider tips.

Advantages of Selling a Single Product Online – A Quick Walk-through

  • Fast and easy store setup – You can get a basic Shopify store up in just a couple of hours.
  • Simplified optimization – Split testing and improvements are super focused on that one product.
  • Establish your brand – Make your store and product synonymous by naming your brand after it.
  • Increase perceived value – Specializing in one item makes it seem high-quality and unique.
  • Passive income potentialOnce optimized, it nearly runs itself.
  • Bulk ordering – Stock up on inventory from your supplier and save.
  • Customize your product – Work with a manufacturer to improve it.
  • Single supplier – Smoother operations relying on one great supplier.
  • More negotiation power – Better wholesale pricing and terms as your volume grows.
  • Improved SEO – More easily rank for your target keywords.
  • Lower overhead – Benefit from economies of scale.
  • Minimal ad budget – Test demand with small test spending.
  • Focused growth – Concentrate efforts on maximizing one product first.
  • Mitigate risk – Validate demand before expanding your catalog.
  • Establish authority – Become the expert in your specialty.

The benefits of focusing on one product are clear. It makes starting, testing, optimizing, and scaling your online business way simpler.

ADVANTAGES of Selling a Single Product

1. Quick and Easy Store Setup

Setting up an online store selling hundreds or thousands of products can be an absolute nightmare. You have to organize all those products into categories, deal with tons of variants and options, and build out complex navigation menus – it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But with a one-product store, the setup is a breeze. You can get your basic Shopify store up and running to start making sales in just a couple of hours. All you need is:

  • A good product photo
  • Solid product description
  • Simple checkout process
  • Basic branding and design

And that’s it – you’ve got a fully functioning online store focused on an awesome product that’s ready to generate sales. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

2. Simplified Testing and Optimization

Trying to analyze metrics and figure out optimization strategies for stores with huge inventories is confusing. Making a small tweak could impact 20 different products in different ways.

However, optimizing a single-product store is a piece of cake. You can clearly see how small changes to your photos, description, or website impact that one product’s sales and conversion rate.

You can effortlessly split test things like:

  • Price points
  • Ad copy
  • Images
  • Page layout

With a focused one-product business, the optimization process is simplified and your improvements will be much more effective.

3. Establish Your Product as the Original Brand

If you’re just selling random products from big brands, it’s hard to differentiate yourself and build trust. But by focusing your entire brand around one special product, you can make it seem like you are the original creator.

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Some tips:

  • Name your store after your product
  • Make your logo incorporate the product name
  • Theme your store design around that product

When you appear as the brand instead of just another retailer, customers will trust you more and perceive your product as a higher value. Pretty clever.

4. Specialization Increases Perceived Value

Imagine walking into a general store and seeing an umbrella – you’d probably assume it’s a basic, generic umbrella. But if you walked into a store named “Bob’s Amazing Umbrellas”, you’d suddenly think that umbrella is pretty special.

It’s the same idea with online stores. By specializing in one product, you increase its perceived value. Customers will think:

This whole brand is built around this one item, it must be really unique and high-quality.

They’ll be willing to pay more compared to a general store selling the exact same product.

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5. More Passive Income Once Established

Running an online store with hundreds of products can be a full-time job. You have to deal with:

  • Constant new product research
  • Adding and removing items
  • Ongoing quality control
  • Changing supplier relationships

But a one-product business can run almost automatically once optimized. You can outsource customer service to a Virtual Assistant and spend just a few hours per week to oversee everything.

It’s perfect for earning passive side income while you focus on other projects.

6. Simplified Inventory and Bulk Ordering

Managing inventory across dozens or hundreds of products from different suppliers is tough. You have to closely monitor stock levels, reorder at different times, and store all the extra products.

But with one winning product, you can easily order in bulk from your supplier once you’ve validated demand. This saves on costs and streamlines the ordering process.

You can work out a relationship with an agent or fulfillment center to store your large inventory and easily ship out customer orders as they come in.

Bulk ordering a single product makes your business more efficient and scalable.

7. Customize Your Product with a Manufacturer

Finding a way to make your product stand out from competitors is key for success. The best way to do this is to work directly with a manufacturer to create a customized and superior version of your product.

You can improve the design, functionality, materials, or features. This protects you from others selling the exact same product and copies your success.

But realistically, you can only do this customization effectively focusing on one product at a time. Attempting this across multiple products would be extremely difficult.

8. Streamline Operations with One Supplier

Juggling a dozen suppliers for all the products in your store can get chaotic:

  • Communicating with all those contacts
  • Managing different relationships
  • Dealing with separate shipments and timelines

But by selling just one product, you only need one great supplier. This makes product reordering, quality control, and inventory management much simpler.

Aim to find a supplier that provides good communication, fast shipping, and high-quality products. This streamlines your operations and allows you to scale efficiently.

9. Greater Negotiation Leverage as Sales Increase

When you start driving consistent sales volume of one product (like selling 100 units daily), you gain much more leverage with your supplier. You can negotiate things like:

  • Lower wholesale costs
  • Faster shipping
  • Priority during production
  • Custom packaging

A supplier will cater to your needs more when you represent a large chunk of their business. With multiple products, you have less negotiating power.

10. Improved SEO by Focusing on One Product

Trying to rank for huge arrays of different product keywords can be an uphill battle. But by specializing your entire brand around one product and its related keywords, you can more easily rank on Google.

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Search engines see that your whole website revolves around that product, so you’re the most relevant match when people search for it.

Focusing your SEO efforts on just one set of keywords helps you start driving consistent organic traffic.

11. Lower Overhead Costs and Expenses

Running any business comes with overheads like web hosting, payment processing fees, advertising costs, transactional emails, and more.

But many of these overhead expenses don’t increase much between a one-product store and a store with 100+ products.

So your profit margins on a single product can be higher since you’re making the same sales revenue with lower overhead costs. Keeping expenses down really boosts your bottom line.

12. Minimal Advertising Budget Needed

Speaking of costs – targeted advertising is often essential for any online business. But the minimum ad spend needed to test and validate a new product is fairly low, usually around $500.

You can validate demand for a single product with a small test budget. But a store with dozens of products might require a large $5k+ budget to effectively test everything.

Start with just one product to minimize risk and upfront advertising costs. Once you find a winner, scale up.

13. Focus Efforts on Maximizing One Product

Expanding your store involves finding new products, researching suppliers, creating listings, buying inventory, marketing each new item, managing multiple suppliers…it goes on and on.

It’s easy for your focus to become diluted across too many products. By specializing in one product, all your energy targets maximize sales for that one item.

You’ll naturally make better business decisions and optimizations when concentrating on a single product rather than trying to grow in too many directions at once. Start with one winner.

14. Mitigate Risk by Testing One Product First

Launching an online store with 50 products means you’re investing a ton of time and money before validating any demand. It’s extremely high risk.

But by starting out selling just one product, you can test and validate demand with minimal risk. Find a winning product then expand your catalog once you have positive proof of concept.

Think about it – if that one product fails, you can quickly move on to the next idea. Fail fast and learn. Don’t sink resources into unproven products.

15. Establish Expertise and Authority

Standard online stores selling all sorts of random products just blend into the crowd. But when you focus your entire brand around one product, it builds trust and authority.

For example, if I started a niche blog just reviewing umbrellas and testing out different types, umbrella brands would see me as an expert.

With a single product store, you can really establish specialized expertise and authority around that specific item. Customers will trust your brand more, especially in a sea of generic competitors.

Conclusion – Advantages of Selling a Single Product

Starting an online business selling just one product has so many advantages.

It simplifies your operations, reduces risk, lowers costs, establishes authority, and makes scaling up your sales so much easier.

The hardest part is finding that perfect product with proven demand. But once you identify a winner, the possibilities are endless.

I hope these tips on the key benefits of single-product stores help point your business in the right direction.

Let’s wrap up with answers to some common questions about “Advantages of Selling a Single Product Online”.

FAQs – Advantages of Selling a Single Product

How long does it take to set up a single product store?

With a lean platform like Shopify and a basic theme, you can set up a functional single-product store in just a few hours. It will take more time to create compelling content, fine-tune the branding, and customize the design, but you can have a very simple MVP store ready in the afternoon.

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Why is it easier to optimize a single product store?

With only one product, every small change you make will directly impact the metrics for that one item. So you can clearly see how adjustments to the copy, photos, pricing, page layout, etc. influence conversions and sales for your specific product. It’s much harder to interpret the data when making changes across a store with dozens of products.

How can I make my product seem like the original brand?

Name your store after your unique product to establish your brand identity. Make sure your logo, design, and messaging all revolve around that specialty product. The goal is to appear like the official company that manufactures and sells this product when really you are just a retailer selling it.

Why does a single product seem more specialized?

When an entire online store is built around one specific product and that’s the sole focus, it gives the impression that the product must be very high-quality, unique, and specialized. If it was just another generic product, no brand would shape its whole identity around it. Customers naturally assign more value to a product that has an entire curated brand developed around it.

What makes a 1 product store more passive than multi-product stores?

Once a single product store is fully optimized with great content, branding, imagery, automated processes, etc., it can practically run itself with minimal ongoing work. Multi-product stores often require continual maintenance like adding/removing products, coordinating multiple suppliers, exploring new product opportunities, and managing a larger ad budget across products.

What are the benefits of bulk ordering one product?

Ordering in bulk reduces your overall product costs and cuts down on wasted ad spend or sales from stock-outs. You can also negotiate better terms with suppliers at higher volumes. Working with a fulfillment center to store and ship your large inventory enables quick delivery worldwide. It’s not feasible to bulk order and manage huge inventories across dozens of products.

How can working with a manufacturer help my business?

You can collaborate with a manufacturer to create a superior, customized version of a product that your competitors won’t have access to. This protects your business from copycats and helps you stand out in the market. Tweaking and perfecting a product with a manufacturer is realistically only possible when you’re focused on selling one great item.

Why is it better to have just one supplier?

Dealing with a single supplier eliminates the need to manage relationships and logistics across multiple vendors. Communication, inventory, shipping, and quality control is streamlined when you have just one contact for your entire business’s products. As you scale up, relying on one great supplier is much more efficient.

How does selling one product give you more negotiation power?

Driving a large volume of sales for one specific product gives you more leverage to negotiate better wholesale pricing, faster shipping, priority handling, and other perks. Even if you sell the same total revenue across multiple products, a supplier will cater to your needs more when you represent a big chunk of their business for that one item.

Why is SEO easier with a single product store?

With an entire brand and website optimized just for one product, search engines can clearly understand the purpose of your content and consider you the most relevant match when users search for related keywords. Trying to target and rank for a wide range of keywords across an e-commerce store with hundreds of products is extremely difficult.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the article “Advantages of Selling a Single Product Online”. Keep visiting.

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