The 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping and Wholesale

There are many good clothing suppliers in Australia. These companies sell clothes and accessories wholesale, manufacture them, or dropship them. With so many options, it can be hard to find the best suppliers.

  • Should you choose small local brands or big companies with free shipping?
  • Is it better to dropship or buy wholesale?
  • How long will delivery take across Australia?

Don’t worry, I researched The 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping and wholesale for you.

This article features the 18 best clothing suppliers in Australia for dropshipping and wholesale. The suppliers cover clothes and accessories for men, women, kids, and babies.

I cover small specialty brands along with big warehouse chains that can ship across Australia.

For each supplier, I share:

  • Locations
  • Products
  • Shipping details
  • Special features

By the end, you’ll know Australia’s top clothing suppliers to partner with.

Time to start.

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

List of 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping & Wholesale

Sr NoSupplier
1Australian Ugg Original
3Bella Boutique
4Simply Wholesale
5Bespoke Baby
6Style State
7Cupid’s Millinery
9Blank Clothing
10Spicy Sugar Fashion
11Global Fashion House
13Clothing Direct
14Palm Collective
15Fashion Allied Agency
16Orientique Naturally Australian
18Whistle & Flute

What is Dropshipping and Wholesale?

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Australian Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

Now let’s dive into the top Aussie clothing suppliers offering dropshipping

These providers don’t hold stock. When you receive an order, they’ll handle packing and posting the products directly to your customers. Makes scaling up nice and easy.

1. Australian Ugg Original

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Products: Ugg boots, scarves, shoes, etc all made locally. Cozy.

Deets: Free shipping across Oz using AusPost. Ships internationally too (extra $$$).

Perks: Manufactured in Australia. Top-notch craftsmanship.

2. Deezo

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Located: Victoria

Gear: Quality threads for little tackers – tops, dresses, jackets, and more for kids. So cute.

Info: Ships orders Australia-wide.

Notable: 100% Australian goods.

3. Bella Boutique

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

City: Sydney

Offerings: Sparkly jewelry and accessories.

Postage: Free shipping in Aus and NZ for orders $60+. Under = $8.95 flat fee.

Good bit: Provides “blind shipping” where your deets are hidden from customers.

4. Simply Wholesale

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

State: Western Australia

Stock: Huge product range from clothing to lifestyle categories. Options galore.

Delivery: Free worldwide. Plus warehouses in Perth for easier fulfillment.

Highlight: Warehousing is available in WA for your inventory storage needs. 

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5. Bespoke Baby

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

HQ: Sydney, NSW

Assets: Baby and kids garments like tops, shoes, accessories, and more.

Distribution: Quick 1 to 10-day Australia-wide shipping.

Unique: Bespoke quality clothing made especially for your little blessings.

Australian Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

For those looking to score bulk inventory upfront rather than dropshipping, plenty of stellar Aussie wholesale clothing companies have got you covered.

Buying products in higher volumes allows you to benefit from large discounts and better margins. Just need somewhere to store all that new gear.

Let’s check out a few top players.

6. Style State

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Locations: Showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney

Offerings: Quality women’s fashion – dresses, jumpsuits, jackets etc.

Distribution: Utilise Australia Post for local & global delivery.

Notable: Focus on emerging eco-friendly Aussie designers.

7. Cupid’s Millinery

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

City: Melbourne, VIC

Items: Luxury hats & fascinators fit for the Melbourne Cup.

Reach: Ships classy headpieces Australia-wide.

Standout: Proudly crafting top local brands domestically.

8. Whola

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

HQ: Online, South Australia

Stock: Huge range of fashion & accessories for all ages. Kids to adults.

Delivery: Local Australian shipping only.

9. Blank Clothing

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Location: Online, Melbourne

Range: Plain basics – tees, sweaters, jackets for men, women & kids sans logos.

Shipping: Deliver uncomplicated threads across Australia.

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Highlight: Provide versatile blank canvas clothing ready for printing.

10. Spicy Sugar Fashion

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Showrooms: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth

Categories: Chic womenswear like dresses, swimwear, and accessories.

Distribution: Australian & global delivery available.

Notable: Rapid local order processing in 5 business days.

11. Global Fashion House

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Base: Sydney, NSW

Stock: Women’s clothing & accessories – trackies, jeans, camis & more.

Postage: Ship orders from Sydney within 1-2 days.

Perk: Extremely fast local handling times.

12. Alanic Clothing

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Presence: International with Australian offices

Labels: Sportswear, athleisure, work uniforms & custom clothes.

Reach: Ship products worldwide.

Unique: Own their supply chain ensuring quality & efficiency.

13. Clothing Direct

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Locations: Warehouses in Melbourne & Auckland

Inventory: Men’s & women’s staples like shirts, pants, dresses, etc.

Delivery: Swift 1 to 14-day Australia-wide shipping.

Standout: Rapid processing in 48 hours.

14. Palm Collective

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

State: Queensland

Offerings: Stylish womenswear – dresses, swimsuits, accessories.

Distribution: Use Australia Post to deliver nationally.

Expect: Receive goods within 1-10 days locally.

15. Fashion Allied Agency

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Location: Queensland

Goods: Women’s clothing and accessories – dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, etc.

Delivery: Ship orders from their Brisbane warehouse.

Notable: Specialize in trendy fast fashion pieces.

16. Orientique Naturally Australian

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Showrooms: Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania

Style: Australian-made women’s clothing – think knits, jackets, tees.

Reach: Available to boutiques nationally.

Standout: Ethical manufacturing and sustainability focus.

17. iShirt

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Headquarters: Sydney, NSW

Products: Custom design printed tees, workwear uniforms, etc.

Distribution: Deliver customized threads across Australia.

Perk: Local areas get orders within just 1 day.

18. Whistle & Flute

Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia

Base: Melbourne, VIC

Offerings: Everyday womenswear – think dresses, jumpsuits.

Shipping: Swift dispatch and delivery nationwide.

Notable: Rapid local order processing.

19. Benell

Located: Sydney

Categories: Luxe women’s clothing – jackets, pants, camis, and more.

Reach: Australian-based clientele.

Standout: Focus on high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

20. Sahara Distributors

Presence: Perth, WA

Stock: Universally appealing womenswear staples.

Delivery: Utilize Australia Post nationally.

Extra: Extremely rapid dispatch times.

International Dropshipping Suppliers Shipping to Australia

While I love supporting local, you’re not just limited to Aussie suppliers. Plenty of global clothing dropshippers can whip orders Down Under for you too.

So if you’re keen on wider product ranges or tapping overseas markets, these should do the trick.


Presence: Online, worldwide

Products: General products from many categories like fashion and print-on-demand.

Delivery time: 1 to 5 weeks to reach Australia.

Notable feature: AliScraper tool to easily integrate products from AliExpress.


Locations: Global, online.

Goods: T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and other customizable print-on-demand gear.

Distribution: Ships items globally.

Perk: High-quality printing services. Can also handle bulk orders.


Facilities: Warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne + worldwide.

Stock: Clothing essentials like shirts, singlets, undies plus hats, and more.

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Postage time: 7 to 29 days to deliver locally.

Extra: Provides an online Printful Academy and blog for continued learning.

Key Factors for Selecting Suppliers

With lots of great suppliers to choose from, how can you tell the good ones from the bad? 

Here are the key areas I evaluate potential partners on:

Types of products offered

  • Variety – Do they stock a wide range or specialized niche?
  • Quality – Are materials and manufacturing up to scratch?
  • Affordability – How do prices and minimum orders compare?

Pricing and profit margins

  • Discounts – Do larger orders earn better wholesale rates?
  • Markups – Enough margin to make sales worthwhile?

Warehouse locations and shipping times

  • Storage – Can they assist with inventory and fulfillment?
  • Speed – How quickly to prepare and dispatch orders?

Supplier specializations and experience

  • Focus – General fashion or specific product types?
  • Track record – Established player or new startup?

Order tracking and transparency

  • Communication – Connectivity and responsiveness?
  • Accountability – Shipping and delivery visibility?

Vetting suppliers on criteria like these helps ensure they’re legit and ready for the long haul. 

Verdict – Best All Round Supplier

After comparing Australia’s top clothing vendors across all those factors, “Simply Wholesale” stands out as my overall pick.

  • Huge product variety covering all fashion categories
  • Wholesale and dropshipping-friendly pricing
  • Offer warehousing and swift shipping nationwide
  • An established track record you can count on

For a one-stop shop supplier that ticks all boxes, Simply Wholesale is your best bet.

The 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping & Wholesale – Conclusion

And there’s your rundown on Australia’s premier apparel suppliers mates.

With so many great companies now discovered, you’ve got the inside scoop to start sourcing top-quality clothing with reliable partners.

FAQs on The 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping & Wholesale

What are some popular products to sell from Australian clothing suppliers?

Some top-selling products are Ugg boots, sportswear, surf/beach attire, accessories, plain wholesale clothing for printing, and locally-made goods.

What courier services do suppliers use for shipping?

Many Australian clothing suppliers utilize Australia Post for reliable nationwide delivery. Others have their own logistics networks.

How can I qualify for a wholesale account?

Suppliers normally have minimum opening order requirements, so prepare to purchase a certain product volume upfront. Having an ABN-registered business helps.

What return policies do suppliers have?

Return timeframes can vary greatly – some offer 14-30 days from purchase. Others only allow returns of unused products in their original packaging.

What types of payments do Australian suppliers accept?

Most accept EFT/bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. Some take cryptocurrency, Buy Now Pay Later, or offer terms.

That concludes the article The 18 Best Clothing Suppliers in Australia for Dropshipping & Wholesale. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting.

Hello, I’m Samuel, and I’ve been in the dropshipping business for the past 9 years. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of helping many novice dropshippers grow their businesses. Based on my experience, I’ve launched this blog to share my insights and knowledge with the dropshipper community.

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