Ellie Goulding opens up about her struggle with post-natal depression after the birth of her son in 2021

Nature played a crucial role in helping Goulding cope with post-natal  depression, with walks in the countryside bringing a sense of life back  to her

The singer emphasizes the significance of nature in easing the numbness  she experienced during her battle with post-natal depression

Desperate to understand post-natal depression, Goulding engaged in extensive research, feeling as though she was losing her mind

Goulding reflects on her lifelong struggle with anxiety and credits  nature as a salvation, stemming from her chaotic and dysfunctional  upbringing

Childhood anxiety for Goulding is linked to her parents' divorce when  she was five, particularly conversations about financial struggles

Goulding acknowledges positive changes in the industry since the MeToo  movement, highlighting better protections for young singers and the  presence of chaperones in her record label

The singer discusses the prevalence of uncomfortable situations with  male producers in the music industry, describing advances as a "kind of  currency" that was once expected but has significantly changed