Amazon hosts summit for China-based sellers amid rising competition from Shein and Temu.

The e-commerce giant plans an "innovation center" in Shenzhen to support sellers in product launch and digitization.

Amazon's end-to-end supply chain service is now accessible to Chinese sellers for seamless global shipping.

In 2023, items sold by Chinese sellers on Amazon grew over 20%, with sales over $10 million increasing by 30%.

Temu and Shein pose significant competition, prompting Amazon to cut fees on clothing under $15 to 5%.

Shein, valued at $66 billion, files confidentially for a U.S. IPO and expands its marketplace beyond fast fashion.

Temu, known for bargains, accounted for 20-25% of Google ad impressions in Q4, outpacing Amazon and eBay.

Amazon adapts to the competitive landscape, aiming to maintain its share in the global e-commerce market.

Etsy acknowledges the impact of Shein and Temu, with CEO Josh Silverman emphasizing the importance of sustainable alternatives.

Amid evolving market dynamics, Amazon remains committed to supporting sellers and innovating in cross-border e-commerce.